Kadzoom Tech is on a mission to help every business grow!

We’re a dedicated technology company that has been around since 2002. Kadzoom Tech is a branch of the Kadzoom.com family

Founded in California with Partners in Tampa, Fl. All services provided in North America








Kadzoom Tech operates under the Kazoom family which is a full service eCommerce website hosting company. After years of our Kadzoom clients asking us for help with managing their websites, marketing and developing their sites, we decided it was time to launch our website management program. Of course, staying with passion for website hosting, we created special hosting plans designed for small business owners.


Our Mission:

Like Kadzoom.com – The Kadzoom Tech mission is pretty simple and straight forward. We want you to be successful with your business so we dedicated our time and energy to make sure that happens. When you utilize our service, you’re not only gaining highly experienced website managers, but your gaining a friend, a employee, and someone who cares a great deal about your success!

Total Satisfaction

No matter if your choosing our website management program or are just utilizing our hosting platform, our team members are here to assist you. We have been recognized by many as one of the most devoted team for clients and the friendliest service. Your satisfaction is what drives us the most. We are not like other web hosts in the market, we will not only assist you with your site, but we will help with 3rd party services.

Complete Solutions

Kadzoom Tech completely understands our clients need for excellent service and we are 100% committed in giving our clients the best service possible.We’ve developed a complete solution that helps today’s small business owners with their online presence and of course their website hosting. You will experience the best of the best when you partner with Kadzoom Tech. 

Personal Connections

“At Kadzoom Tech and Kadzoom.com I’m confident that you will love the service that you’re provided, however if for some reason you become dissatisfied and you feel the need for my involvement, I have a open door policy and will always make time to assist you in any way that I can. I look forward to your business and serving your website needs.”


Len Cavanaugh, CEO/Kadzoom

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