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It does not matter if you’re making a personal website, business website or blog. KadzoomTech makes it easy with our website building tools, our guides, and expert technical support.

Ready for Beginners

One important feature with KadzoomTech. Not everyone is a programmer or designer, this is why we have tools that will assist a novice website designer.


Choosing any of our website building platforms will allow you to have a responsive website up and running inside an hour.

Updated Programs & Software

You don’t have to worry about software updates as we take care of that for you. This saves you time and keeps your website safe!


All website themes are mobile ready with responsive themes. You can easily integrate any of the shopping carts in your control panel to sell your products.


See your search engine ranks grow with all of our FREE Search Engine Optimization tools that are integrated in all of our website builders.


We are around when you need us the most! Feel free to call us, email us, or use our live support chat when you need help.

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Ready to get started on your website? Creating your website with KadzoomTech is far easier to build on. No matter your if your technical skill is beginner level or your one of the most advanced designers. We offer many of the popular platforms on the internet today.


Platform Choices

We offer several platform choices that you can build website website or blog on, so choosing the right platform is going to be your first step in your website building process. It all boils down to weather you just want to entertain your viewers with a blog or maybe you need to build a online store to sell goods, services, or maybe even digital downloads.


Mobile Integration

In today’s online world more than 65% of users are mobile! So, if you want a successful website or blog, you will need to make sure it is mobile ready. This is why the majority of our website building platforms are mobile ready. Your website or blog will automatically adjust for desktops and mobile devices.



We all need help so don’t hesitate to ask for help you need it. Since we offer both in-house platforms and 3rd party platforms, at some point you’re going to need help, especially if you’ve chosen to use a third party platform to build your website. Support is what makes us different form the other web hosting companies. We are around to assist you!


So, What Are My Platform Choices with KadzoomTech?

When it comes to building your website or blog, the World Wide Web is packed with development platforms to build websites. You’ll have that the hardest part of building a website or blog is picking a platform that will give you the tools that you need.


When you start with KadzoomTech, you’ll notice that we have installed all of the popular website building platforms. We believe in giving every website building options to our clients. Of course, this can appear a little overwhelming at times, so we’ve included just a few platforms that we feel will be a great start for you.


WordPress is one of the most popular content management choices. It can act as your blog, or your eCommerce storefront. You can choose form thousands of free templates, thousands of custom paid templates, or design your own website from scratch. You will also find thousands of additional tools that will allow you to add many features to your website or blog.


Joomla is a great system that is pretty flexible, like WordPress. The difference between Joomla and WordPress would be the coding you will need to learn to make some adjustments. The learning curve of Joomla is pretty easy.

SitePad Website Builder

SitePad is pretty straight forward. Choose form any of the industry specific templates, change photos and colors, add your logo and phone number and your ready to go. Creating pages or even building a website or blog from scratch is as easy as 1-2-3! Enjoy drag-and-drop features, SEO tools and more. Your website or blog will also be 100% mobile ready automatically.


Drupal is another great system, but it will require more coding. You will have tons of freedom with Drupal that’s for sure. This is more recommended towards the more advanced website developer.


Prestashop is a great platform that is designed for your eCommerce needs. Using the one click install, your online store is instantly setup. Your options are pretty endless with Prestashop.


CubeCart is another great eCommerce platform to start your website, CubeCart offers a lot of flexibility and options to get you started. Like PrestaShop, you will have a lot of great features to choose from with additional add-on tools, if you choose to utilize them.

Of course, this is only a handful of the platforms that you can use to design your website or blog. KadzoomTech uses Softaculous, which is loaded with different kinds of website builders, and tons of additional tools and software that you’re free to use. You can install them with a few clicks of the mouse.