Website Management – Benefits


Keep your website as professional as you are



Perfect for new Businesses

$49.95/ month

FREE Website Hosting

Dedicated project manager

Updates: 1 hour per month

SEO Updates

Social Media Monitoring


Great for Busy Owners

$125.00/ month

FREE Website Hosting

Dedicated Project Manager

Updates: 3 hours/per mo.

SEO Updates

Social Media Monitoring


Best Choice

$225.00/ month

FREE Website Hosting

Dedicated project manager

Updates: 6 hours/per mo.

SEO Updates

Social Media Monitoring


Best Choice

$325.00/ month

FREE website Hosting

Dedicated Project Manager

Updates: 10 hours/per mo.

SEO Updates

Social Media Monitoring

New Business, More Sales, New Visitors and Customers & Reduced Website Security Risks

When it comes to running a business you need to keep your website content, social media, sales and promotions, and your SEO up to date. Doing this keeps your outlets fresh and current resulting in more sales. Updating your your website software, WordPress plugins, will reduce your risk of website security issues.


With 14 years of website management and website hosting experience, we have responded to many website advice questions, but the one that sticks out the most is; “How come I’m not getting sales?” and our response…is always, are you marketing your website, updating your website, engaging your customers on social media? and the answer was always NO! You have to think of your website and social media outlets as your number one employee, you can’t just set it and forget it – this is not the Ronco cooking device. 


By having our experienced staff manage your website, you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on your businesses. We will take excellent care of your website, your online marketing and your social media accounts for you!

We Can Help You Manage and Maintain Your Website, Your Online Store and MORE!

Dedicate Account Rep.

Our website management clients receive a dedicated account rep that is available to you by direct phone when you need them. Your work requests are handled inside of 24 hours, not days or weeks.

Create & Update Graphics

We can jazz up your website and social media with professionally created graphics, images, or banners. Thinking about a sales promotion? One last thing you have to worry about is creating images or graphics

Add or Edit Content

If you need content changes on your website or even social media posts or tweets! We will take care of this for you and ensure it looks great and contains key words for the search engines

Running a Online Store

We have 14 years of eCommerce experience. We will help you maintain or add new items in your online store for you. Hot promotion, need us to post it to your social media? We have you covered!

Layouts & Design

Need a layout change or maybe even a new design for the seasons? We will make appropriate design or layout changes to blend with your businesses brand. Just let us know and we will take it from there.

Update Software & Scripts

Sit back and relax. We will keep your website software, WordPress, and plug-ins up to date reducing the risk of hacks or viruses. Your clients will feel safe purchasing from your website. We will let you know of every update.

Expert Consultation

One thing that we do, while the others don’t is, during your service hours we will provide consultation, marketing ideas and tips. We will call you with our ideas and of course, we will be around to answer your questions

Analyze Your Statitstics

While we are working on your SEO. We will send your reports on your visitors, what they are looking at, how they arrived to your website and more. These monthly reports are key to your success.

Need Anything Else?

If you need anything else, we are hear for you. Need help with your email news letter? Need us to investigate something online? Need advice on product or service reviews? Just pick up the phone and call.

We Are Available For You and Your Business

Phone or Email We Are Here

No more hunting down your website management person when you need something updated. Reach us via phone at (530) 600-0564, use your control panel live chat, or send us an email. We are available Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm PST. You will also have your account reps cell phone for after hours emergencies.

Updates Done in 24 Hrs. Not Days.

Who likes to wait? Not us and we are sure that you do not like to wait either. All of our website maintenance tasks are completed inside of 24 hours. Not days or weeks. Planning a promotion for Tuesday? Call us Monday morning and we will make your deadline! We know how important your time is to you.

Providing Website Maintenance  For 14 years

Kadzoom Tech has been updating sites, WordPress, eCommerce, developing websites, marketing, and social media services for 14 years.

Client Feedback


Kadzoom Tech has been managing our hotel search website for the past 3 years and they have done a wonderful job! I can always count on fast updates, great social media engagement, and excellent advice. If you’re looking for a great company to work with, these are your guys!


Thank you for everything you do at Kadzoom Tech. Our service with them over the last year and a half as been excellent. My last management company only worked via email and support ticket support, It’s nice to be able to actually call in and talk with a live person. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they know how to get things done.

Website Management FAQs

Sales Questions

Do you lock me into a contract?

No! At Kadzoom Tech we do not force business owners into any management contracts. We do ask that you give us at least 30 days if you choose to start managing your own website. The purpose of that notice is because we plan things monthly. Of course in the rare case, if something happens to you, just give us a call to discuss.

Is website hosting included with my managed account?

Yes! Hosting for your website in included.

What happens if I cancel management service?

If you choose to cancel management services, you will be switched over to our “just hosting” program. We will advise you of the best hosting plan to cover bandwidth and space needed. You will have your own website login to continue updating your website. All you will pay is the monthly web hosting fee.

I already have a website. Can I transfer over to your hosting service?

Yes. We offer website migration services.

Billing Questions

What is my billing dates for service?

You will be billed on your anniversary date – the day you signed up with Kadzoom Tech’s management program.

Will you auto draft my bank account for my monthly bill?

Unfortunitly no, we do auto draft your credit or debit card for your monthly bill. We can also invoice you a few days prior to your due date via PayPal if you would like.

Will you mail me a copy of my invoice?

Unfortunitly, we do not send invoices via US mail. All paid invoices are sent via email only. If you need a copy of your invoice, you can log into your billing account and print a PDF version of your invoice

Management Support Questions

How do I submit a website update or social media update?

There are multiple ways to do this!

First and foremost. When you start the management program, we will have a lengthy conversation with you so everyone will be on the same page

  1. Email: You will receive your reps direct email. This will be used for update information, sending files, etc..
  2. Your Support Portal: You will have support information in your portal along with live chat.
  3. Give us a call at 530-600-0564 during normal business hours. If you have an after hours emergency you will have access to your account reps phone cell phone number. We do ask that if contacting your rep after hours, please allow them time to get to a computer for emergency updates.

How will I know how many hours I have left for the month?

You can call us or email us and ask about your hours balance. Since we are in contact with you on a regular basis, we will make sure to let you know what is left on your account.

I ran out of hours. What do I do?

If you have had a lot of updates during the month and this happens, you do have a few choices; You can either wait for next month or, if you’re update is an emergency and depending on the size of the update, we maybe able to just sneak in a fast update. We understand things happen. If your update is a large one and completely necessary, don’t worry, we will work something out with you.

A side note: We are excellent time management people. So, chances of you running out of time is pretty slim.